Academic Lecturing:

Ms. Hensley designed, managed and taught curriculum for Raffles Design Institute's 2 YR. Advanced Diploma for Interior Design Program (Associates Degree) in their new Colombo, Sri Lanka campus.  Courses covered a variety of subjects and included classroom lectures, studio design time, industry field trips, guest speakers, as well as material and technology library management.  Additionally, Ms. Hensley selected and managed a thriving team of lecturers, as well as continually contribuated to corporate marketing efforts.​

Modules included:

- Interior Design Principles and Theory


- Design Studio 1 & 2  


- Presentation Drawing 1 & 2


- Architectural Drafting  


- Interior Finishes & Materials


- Cultural Studies


- Interior Colour Application    


- 2D Computer Aided Drafting


- Building Technology and Construction

- Construction Studies 1 & 2                      

- Environmental Lighting

- Creativity and Problem Solving                          

- Computer Graphic Skills

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